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Best Vintage Style You Probably Didn't Know in 2018

Vintage style

Vintage clothing generally refers to wearing clothes of an old era. This term was used at the World War 1 due to a textile shortage and they decided to wear old clothes.

These clothes are of the various amount and are produced in massive amount. Usually, we can find dresses of unique vintage at local boutiques and charities.

This stuff is also available online in markets like Amazon, and eBay. In vintage clothing, it doesn't matter how much the dress is of high-end brand, it is always available at low cost. Vintage market is vigorous and there is no sign of stopping because if a dress is pretty good, it sells really fast. This is also the reason due to which vintage is that much appealing. There is a limited stock of vintage clothes. The major thing you want to keep in your mind is that when buying a vintage dress, you like a dress, just but because it is a great chance that you might never see that dress again. Here are some of the famous vintage dresses you can find cheap.

1-The "New Look"

Dior's New Look full-skirted dress is one of the most iconic vintage dresses. It was very famous during the first half-decade.

The bodice of the dress was fitted with a gathered swing skirt ballooning out beautifully from the natural waistline. The fullness was made by pleating or gathering of lightweight fabric. Necklines could be scooped, v-neck, square-neck or sweetheart. There were collars on the dresses too and for the bodice, there were a vast amount of options. It was usually tailored and sometimes decorated with bows and large buttons. For a less popular look, the bodice fabric was sometimes left drapey, with a wrap top gathering down the sides. These dresses are also called swing dresses.

2-The ''Coatdress''

The coat dress was slightly similar to shirtwaist dress and is a full-skirted version. They had the styling of a long coat. These dresses were buttoned all the way down. Buttons were usually of large sizes and collars were larger just like a coat. These dresses had no zipper. Shoulders could be a little more padded and sleeves were long. They came with a matching fabric belt and were usually worn in winter.

3-''Bell dresses''

Bell dresses have emerged towards the end of the decade which was a combination of two skirt shapes. The bodice was fitted and tailored as usual. They were not flattering on almost all bodies because the skirt was gathered out at the waist and puffed around the hips and then tapered back in to make it fit at the calf.

4-''Jumper Dress''

Jumper dress was another carryover style from the 1940s.It was loved by girls.It was deep v neckline worn with a blouse underneath.It had wide shoulder straps.The skirt could be either be full, with the pencil shape being more common in women.

5-''Trapeze Dress''

A cousin of hated chemise dress is Dior's Trapeze dress.The top was fitted to just under the bust and was flared out in a slim, line to knee and It was successful than the Chemise.Since it accented the bust but his hips and thighs.In 1958 both the Chemise and Trapeze were short-lived fads.

6-''Hostess Dress''

The 1950s hostess dress was a gown with a large circle skirt with an opening down the front revealing slim Capri or a cigarette pant underneath.Women embraced this more casual fashion for entertaining in the home.Many fashions forward women tossed out the overskirt and only wore the pants.

7-''Sheath Dress: Pencil and Wiggle Dress''

The 1950s dress was somewhat opposite of the full-skirted style, although the better and main features of the New Look remained.Prior led the way for different variations of the Sheath Dress naming his collection Tulip, Corolla, etc.The bodice of this dress was same as swing dress-tailored, nipped and fitted in at the waist.This skirt was closely fitted with the body from the waist.This was a lean sheath dress, and also known as Wiggle Dress today.Wiggle Dresses zipped up from the back.The bodice was often decorated with small bows and collars.The skirts often featured pockets on sides or two large sized front patch pockets.Big buttons could be used to decorate it.Pencil skirt curved over the hips and then tapered down to mid-calf.There was a kick-pleat or vent added to the back of the skirt so the wearer was able to walk.

8-''Shirtwaist Dress/Housewife Dress''

It was also a very popular version or design of the full-skirted dress. They had fitted buttons up to down that ended at the waist like a blouse, sleeves were often cap, short or were cuffed at the end. The collars were usually small peter pan collars or pointed for many house dresses. The 1950s shirtwaist dress style was the uniform for the housewives. Shirtwaist could be a solid color but commonly in a cotton percale print or gingham check. Gingham check was also introduced in 1950.Gingham check became wildly popular for house dresses.


Yeah, it's true that vintage dresses are low in cost and are pretty worth it. In my opinion, buying a vintage dress is definitely a great choice but the thing to keep in mind is that the stock is very limited. So if you like one, you should buy it immediately.

  • Mar 27, 2018
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